Zen Mountain Canine

Wellness for Dogs


Dog Sports Classes
Canine Disc – $30 One class. Number of classes will depend on both dog and handler’s level of training and skill. You may only need one class.
Combo Class – Parkour, Treibball,Tricks/Conditioning/Fitness – $120 – 6 classes


Our mission is to provide information and assistance on keeping your dog in optimal condition for sports and life for working dogs (sled dogs, livestock guardians and scent hounds and loose-eyed herding dog breeds) and companions (pets) with the idea of keeping them healthy and mobile into their later years.

This is done specifically through conditioning the dog by using particular exercises, massage, Reiki, herbal support, and nutritional consults. Any information that is food related is free of charge.
We use positive reinforcement with food and toys or personal play to do these things and to train Rally-O, Treibball, Parkour, Herding Foundations, and Competitive Obedience.


Payment must be completed at least two weeks before the first class.
We will accept cash in person two weeks before the class, a cheque in the mail (not on the day of the first class), or online payment through Paypal.
Refund Policy: Refunds will be issued only if no classes have been attended.

In person Combo Dog Sports Class – 6 sessions

Combining the sports of Parkour, Treibball, Rally-O, Obedience, Circus Dog, Novice and Intermediate Tricks. Many behaviours cross over to other sports so we can teach them all in one class. Payment includes transaction fee that Paypal charges me for using their service. If you want to avoid that charge, send me a cheque.


If you just want to keep your dog strong and fit we can help with that or if you would like to pursue competition (which is really just competing with yourself ) Zen Mountain Canine is totally in to that as well.
Private and online classes are available for all aspects of what we teach. Zen Mountain Canine also works with working Livestock Guardian Dogs to maintain and improve working ability, and maintain mobility, which is obviously important for a working dog.

All dogs must be cleared with a vet or physiotherapist before starting any training or exercise program.


Anne Bachewich CTDI CCFC CAP1 DN-FSG2 CGC-CGN Evaluator

Certified Trick Dog Instructor CTDI

Canine Conditioning Fitness Coach CCFC

Certified Fun Scent Games Instructor DN-FSG2

Canine Good Neighbour Evaluator CKC-CGN Evaluator

Raw Dog Food Specialist

Acute Canine Herbalism Specialist