The Long Story

I am Anne Bachewich and I’m a professional dog training instructor, dog trainer (one who trains dogs) and dog groomer in Manitoba, Canada.

I demonstrate how well clicker training without corrections works, makes dogs smarter, and more interested in their environment, especially dogs of breeds that are thought of as “hard to train”, “stubborn”, or stupid.

All this is to help bring about change in attitudes towards different dog breeds – those other than the breeds that are on the so-called Top 20 List for intelligence. The combination of training methods and the environment a dog is raised in has a great deal to do with how fast a dog learns. Often when people get a dog of a certain breed we hear, “you can’t train a “enter breed name” because they aren’t smart” or this breed does certain things that prevent it from being trained well – like excessive sniffing.
I use the clicker/reward marker training with food rewards or toys, and occasionally the removal of a reward (not attention) to train dogs. If we can’t do something with the clicker we will be the first to admit it. I hope to inspire other dog’s humans to try using clicker/correction-less training, to train their so-called “difficult to train” dog.

When I became involved with two different breeds of dogs, the Australian Shepherd and the Kuvasz, I knew there was a need to assist dog handlers in understanding their dogs when the world was telling them the breed is “stubborn” or not intelligent. Both of my breeds were listed at # 42 on the breed intelligence list which floored me.

What I have learned is that each dog breed has its own talents and abilities, but when presented with correction based training, certain breeds (and dogs) shut down.

I also discovered, that I was better able to demonstrate training in video than during training classes. When using correction-less training, sometimes, being in a dog class can be a step back. Dogs are sometimes put into situations they are not ready for.
Training at home is where you start training your dog, and in video I can show all the steps, even if they are sometimes boring.

With video, I am able to show HOW dogs of certain breeds and mixes can be trained well and become “smarter” by training with a different method. The clicker. Naturally, all dogs learn the same way, but some need their training slightly adjusted to bring out their potential.