The Dogs

I chose Australian Shepherds because of my first dog Shasta (I obtained her from someone who was not able to look after her), who I was told was an “Austrian Shepherd”. Because I didn’t believe there was such a breed, I did some research, found Australian Shepherd, and then looked for the appropriate breeder.

When I choose the Kuvasz, I researched for over a year before I decided on a different breed. I picked the Kuvasz because the coat wasn’t as heavy as the Great Pyrenees, and they seemed as bit more active and less likely to roam, which I feel they are.

Current Younger Dogs


D.O.B. – July 4, 2016



D.O.B. – Jan.7, 2017


Older Dogs


TDCH CCF-CH Allum’s Energy Boy RPT BDD DDX

pawsup1Emmett is large for an Aussie. He is from a working background and loves to run and to learn new things. We got him as a rescue from someone who wanted a good home for him but he is a single breed Australian Shepherd as is registered with the Australian Shepherd Club Of America.

Emmett was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and came to us when a client could no longer keep him. Emmett is extremely food and toy motivated.

ACSA Registered Name: Allum’s Energy Boy

Born: May 31, 2008

Special Talent: Disc Dog

Interesting Accomplishment:
Emmett has won several placements in Novice Single Disc competition and a first in Novice Freestyle Disc through the CDDA.

In Memoriam



March 12, 2001 – April 8, 2017

TDCH Sheep’s Kin Born To Fly

McCoy is my first purebred dog. McCoy excelled at every sport he tried although he was not able to continue past Companion Dog Intermediate (CDI) because of the mild dysplasia in his left hip which prevented him form doing the long sit exercise. McCoy qualified in the first three freestyle canine disc trials that he attempted all with first place scores.

Registered Name: Sheep’s Kin Born To Fly

Specialty: Frisbee (Everything really!)

Interesting accomplishment:
McCoy was the first dog in western Canada to finish his Basic Disc Freestyle with the Canadian Disc Dog Association.
McCoy has never failed any trial (test) he has been entered in.

This picture actually is McCoy to a T. Born in 2001, he always has that happy smile on his face. He has trouble keeping clean and so his nickname is McScruff or junk yard dog. He was my introduction into dog sports with canine disc and obedience.McCoy is very mild mannered and very seldom puts up any protest such as  if we happen to have a client’s dog around or occasionally a puppy. McCoy loves everyone.



March 30, 2001 – July 10, 2016

 Finn is McCoy’s 1st cousin. They couldn’t be less alike, these two. Finn is a physically slow dog and very loyal to one person – me.

She loved to jump and move stock in her more active days and played disc because I “asked” her to. Actually, she turned out to be more accurate than the boys who loved to play! Finn is quite guardy but loves to get pets from people.

TDCH Ch Sheep’s Kin Feature Presntation

Finn loved to do Rally-O and Regular “Obedience”. She also loved agility but had trouble with a back leg due to a slip, so had to give up trialing.
She also did canine disc but it was not her favourite pastime although she was more accurate, and sometimes speedy than the boys we have who love disc.
Registered Name: Ch. Sheep’s Kin Feature Presntation

Born: March 30, 2001 – July 10, 2016

Special Talent: Jumping, Agility

Interesting Accomplishment:
Finn was a Novice Merit Dog in the Australian Shepherd Club of America for high score in obedience in 2011.



April 1, 2005 – Feb 4, 2016

AJ is a Kuvasz (b. 2005). Training her is what started my adventures into training dog. AJ has a great sense of humour and loves to keep watch over the family. She is also a bit accident prone.

Registered name:

Brantwood’s Anna Joya ETD.

Birthdate: April 1st, 2005

Interesting Accomplishment:
AJ is the world’s first “trick” Kuvasz being the first Kuvasz to have earned her Expert Trick Dog title from “The Do More With Your Dog Association”.

By training AJ for dog sports, I hope to demonstrate that ALL breeds of dog can achieve titles and learn when using the clicker to train, which they can.
Using force or “traditional” methods prevented many breeds of dog from being used as “obedience” or trial dogs simply because they did not take well to being pressured, manhandled, or forced to do something and therefore deemed “stubborn”
You can convince ANY breed of dog to do something if there is something in it for them.



Nov. 4 2008 – June 17 2016

Miranda (b. 2008) is a blue merle Aussie. She is the daughter of my Eli who left us in 2012. Miranda is the most interesting dog I have ever known. She has such a different personality from any dog I have ever had or known and she keeps up laughing and entertained.

Ch Kinring’s Gunsmoke & Lace RPT DD ETD

Registered Name: Ch. Kinring’s Gunsmoke & Lace

Born: Nov. 4, 2008

Titles Miranda has achieved: RPT DD NTD ITD ATD ETD

Special talents: Answers to the names: Beany, Weirdo, No, Bad Dog, Stop It, Pandy, Mandy, Randy, Miranda.
Will carry ANYTHING in her mouth that she decides is good enough to pick up!

Daughter of Ch. Kinring’s Watch Him Fly



Tommy  came to us when a breeding kennel was being reduced. He also came to us with a fear of vehicles.

Cattle Master of High Hope PCD RN ATD

October 2006 – August 3rd, 2018

Registered Name: Cattle Master of High Hope

Titles: Pre-Companion Dog (CKC)
Novice Trick Dog, Intermediate Trick Dog, Advanced Trick Dog,
Rally-O Novice (CKC)

Special Talent: Cuddling

Tommy is a working bred Australian Shepherd.



Ch. Kinring’s Watch Him Fly

Sept. 7, 2003 – June 15, 2012

Eli was the first dog I raised and trained without corrections. He was a very confident and happy dog, and often goofy. He could jump unbelievably high. My beautiful Eli.

Registered Name: Kinring’s Watch Him Fly

Specialty: Singing!

Interesting accomplishment:
In his first Rally-O trial (and MINE!) he earned a first place with a score of 99/100.

3 thoughts on “The Dogs

  1. I very much enjoy reading through your blog information and I like your mindset with how you deal with your dogs. Clearly, you are loving, compassionate, and know how to properly administer “discipline”. I will be going over your videos throughout this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. It really means a great deal to me to hear that from a fellow dog lover. Although I don’t use discipline specifically in my training (being a clicker training and all :-), I appreciate your comment.


      1. I totally know what you mean….I also have been reading up on clicker training when we first got the dogs but at the same time I knew clicker training would terrorize them further, at the time. However, now that our dogs have drastically improved, I am very seriously thinking about trying that method to see if it can take them farther. Only with our family they are practically normal, but only on the home front and only if we are the only ones home. They are great at dog park, too, mostly. One dog still needs a little assistance at times.

        Liked by 1 person

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