mccoydiscI started out in dog sports doing canine disc or disc dog with my first dog Shasta, and then continued it with each successive dog. I began doing competitive obedience in 2003 with McCoy and have branched out in almost everything else I can do in my area.

We focus on tracking, hiking, rally-O, and sledding, “obedience” or what I call precision behaviours, camping and disc and tricks and teaching force free grooming.

The book I use for working on Obedience is Morgan Spector’s “Clicker Training For Obedience” and Sylvia Trkman’s training DVDs.

For dog sledding, I pretty figured most of it out myself. For training Canine Disc, I learned on my own, and then adapted what I learned from years of playing disc, taking seminars, and combining it with clicker training. To learn grooming I took a course from JKL online grooming and groomed my own show dogs.

We take our dogs just about everywhere, which drives some family members crazy. However, we have the dogs, so why keep them locked up at home when we are away.

This led to us figuring out ways to travel with them, and keep them AND us happy and comfortable, and have fun as well. Our camping with dogs knowledge is fairly extensive so we’ll be sharing a great amount of that with you so that your dogs can enjoy themselves as much as you.


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