Eight Important Tips

For Training The Purpose-Bred Or “Stubborn” Dog


This book is the result of many years of training breeds of dogs that are not considered competition “material” when it comes to dog sports, or that are seen as difficult or stubborn.

The information here can help anyone train any breed, but it is specifically designed to assist those whose dog’s breeds are deemed “difficult” or “stubborn”.

With breeds of dogs that are “easier to train”, you can get away with skipping some of these steps, and often, you won’t even need to consider them, but with purpose-bred dogs you must do the extra wor

In this book you will learn what a purpose bred dog is and why they are different from other breeds. There are also some things that must be done when working with a dog such as this in order to communicate in training, better and more effectively.

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How To Teach Your Dog To Play Disc

From Scratch


discfrom scratch cover2A step by step e-book to help you train your dog to play disc from scratch. The information in this book is appropriate for two different types of dog: any energetic, agile breed that likes to chase things and dogs who have little or no chase drive. Taught as a game, and helping your dog stay injury free while training and playing.

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Video Training Courses


Recreational Dog Sledding Online Course

This course uses positive reinforcement to train your dog to pull a sled. Traditionally, sledding is trained with force, simply putting a dog in harness and expecting him to pull or not pull.

I created this step by step method by combining information I learned through reading, taking workshops and training my own dogs to pull. If you are working with one dog, or working by yourself, this course will be particularly useful. You can also use the info in this course to have you dog pull you on skis, although I can’t teach you how to stay upright on them, since I can’t myself. That is the reason I started using a kick sled – because I was a lousy skier. To access more course info click HERE or on the title above.



“Useful Tricks” Online Course

In this course (which is free) you will learn how to teach your dog necessary behaviours by training “useful tricks”. Most of the time “tricks” are seen ad silly circus fun, but in reality, dogs don’t differentiate between circus tricks and behaviours that we want them to learn for life with us. They only know how much fun they are having or not having while learning.

Teach your dog to LOVE to learn through the “Useful Tricks” course and see an improvement in regular behaviours at the same time. Go HERE for more course info.