E-BOOK: Training The Purpose-Bred Or “Stubborn” Dog


This book is the result of many years of training breeds of dogs that are not considered competition “material” when it comes to dog sports, or that are seen as “difficult” or “stubborn”.

The information here can help anyone train any breed, but it is specifically designed to assist those whose dog’s breeds are deemed “stubborn”.

With breeds of dogs that are “easier to train” (many herding or sporting breeds) you can get away with skipping some of these steps, and often, you won’t even need to consider them, but with purpose-bred dogs you must do the extra work.

In this book, you will learn what a purpose bred dog is, how they are different from other breed and how training is different for these dogs in order to communicate with them more effectively.


Training The Purpose-Bred or “Stubborn” Dog







How To Teach Your Dog To Play Disc From Scratch

discfrom scratch cover2


A step by step e-book to help you train your dog to play disc from scratch. The information in this book is appropriate for two different types of dog: any energetic, agile breed that likes to chase things and dogs who have little or no chase drive. Taught as a game, and helping your dog stay injury free while training and playing. Anne Bachewich is an expert in the sport of canine disc, having put over 20 disc titles on her dogs over the years, winning many placements in competition in Canada through the Canadian Disc Dog Association. Anne has taught disc to clients since 2003 and played disc with her dogs in many public performances. Her main achievement is teaching her two Kuvaszok – an agile livestock guardian breed – to fetch and play disc at their own levels.