I’m a dog groomer. I started out learning to groom on my own dogs when I was learning how to show them in conformation. Having Australian Shepherds, one has to learn how to groom. It seemed a little unfair to me that I had to do all this grooming on my breed and other people had almost nothing to do to groom theirs.

But, since everything happens for a reason, my intense study of grooming Aussies for show turned into a passion for grooming and teaching people how to groom their own dog without corrections.


I especially love helping dogs to enjoy being groomed. I often do training on the grooming table to help a dog relax and I use the clicker a lot – obviously. It may seem obvious that one would want a dog to be relaxed while being groomed, but often that is overlooked in place of speed and lack of understanding of how to handle dogs.

It is crucial that a dog learn to accept if not enjoy grooming. Of course there will always be one who doesn’t but training early can prevent problems and training at any age can improve behaviours during grooming. This makes things better all around for everyone involved.

I learned to groom by showing my Australian Shepherds in conformation, which requires extensive grooming. I have been doing my “Farm-Dog Grooming Special” for 14 years and began offering small dog grooming in 2006.

I received my grooming diploma from JKL Grooming Academy. I took this course because it was the best choice for me to learn grooming techniques while living in the remote location that we live in.

While I no longer groom other people’s dog for a living I do make instructional videos for people to LEARN from how to groom their own dogs properly without force.

Check out our blog post on shaving down a double coated dog.

Also some check out my grooming videos


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