Canine Disc

Canine Disc or Disc Dog is the sport that got me started in dog sports. It is my specialty.

My first dog Shasta was a disc whiz so I set out to bring the organized sport to my province. I organized the first canine disc workshop here, was a founding member of Manitoba’s first canine disc club, Westman Disc Dogs, and taught the first disc group classes in the province.

Canine Disc is now played in both Winnipeg and Brandon, MB out of different clubs.

The Canadian Disc Dogs Association (CDDA) is an official titling body in Canada.

Many different dog breeds can participate, not just herding breeds or extremely agile and fast breeds. Any dog that like to chase things can be trained can do so. It is simply a matter of the handler learning how to train her/his dog properly.

This is something that we know how to do well. I have trained a Kuvasz and many Australian Shepherds to play disc and have coached dozens of clients to do the same.

If you want step by step instruction on Training Canine Disc try my E-Book:

 Teach Your Dog To Play Disc From Scratch



A step by step e-book to help you train your dog to play disc from scratch. The information in this book is appropriate for any energetic, agile breed that likes to chase things. It also has information to teach a dog who has no or little chase drive to learn to enjoy playing disc. Taught as a game and help your dog stay injury free while training and playing.


If you are interested in learning more about training your Purpose Bred Dog, “stubborn”, “difficult” or “less intelligent dog  to play disc check out our Canine Disc
Playlist of instructional videos.
I will eventually be addressing the all the different behaviours your dog needs to enjoy and do well in this sport if you want to earn titles. If you want to be notified of new videos make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel