Camping With The Reactive Dog

ALL dogs are reactive to something. This is especially annoying when you are camping and want to have a peaceful and relaxing time with your family (including the dog).  The information in these reactive dogs blog posts will give you some things to work on and hopefully help you and your dog make camping a more fun and relaxed activity.

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We take all of our dogs camping. We do both tent camping and trailer camping. ALL of our dogs are reactive to SOMETHING in campgrounds.

Each type of camping obviously requires different equipment, but also requires dogs to know certain things in order to enjoy the activity. For example, dogs need to know that a tent is NOT something to jump on or through and neither are the tent screen windows.

Not bolting through open trailer doors is another important thing for a dog to know. But with some modifications and a bit of equipment, you can have a fun and SAFE time camping with your dog. These and many other behaviours can be taught with the clicker/food rewards. This is how we train and reinforce behaviours that need tweeking.

You can find info on camping equipment, what we use and how we use it specifically for camping with multiple dogs and training (for particular camping situations and changing your dog’s unwanted behaviours), in our blog.


Check out our blog posts below regarding camping with your dog:

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Using a Tie Out For Camping With Your Dog

Training The Open Door Stay For Camping With Your Dog

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