About Kuvaszok

Kuvaszok (plural for Kuvasz) are not your most common breed of dog. As a livestock guardian breed, they have similar traits to other LGDs, but also have their own distinguishable temperament.

It is often believed that the Kuvaszok is more aggressive than other LGDs. This may have been so in the past when being used in countries of origin for working with stock, but their temperament has been subdued somewhat now. This is beneficial for humans, as they make great companions, but they can still work with stock and do the job they were originally bred to do.

A Kuvasz is often thought of as stubborn or hard to train and needs a firm hand, but in reality they don’t need this at all. Because they are motivated by genetics (I call it “internally” motivated) to protect, they need help to overcome this desire when training. I do this with food.

A Kuvasz, and other LGDs are not “offensive” protectors. That is they are not really supposed to run after and attack their enemy right off. Instead, they should show a “defensive” protectiveness or a “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” type guarding to any who tries to come close. Attacking is generally the last thing they want to do. It wastes a lot of energy and if they can just scare off a predator that is preferable.

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