About Australian Shepherds

Australian Shepherds were not my first choice for a dog breed. As it happened, I kind of fell into them.

I got my first Aussie – McCoy when I decided to get another dog to keep my first dog Shasta company. Shasta was a mixed breed but was clearly a Black-Tri colour. Knowing nothing about dog breeders I combed the internet and asked a breeder not far away if she had any tri-colour dogs. Many breeders are not impressed when you ask for a certain colour but this one had the dog.
cropped-thegroup.jpgSo I ended up with McCoy (lower right in the pic above), and the rest is history. Then, I learned about Australian Shepherds.

They are funny, have a bark that is part bark and part howl, make funny noises, are beautiful, and come in many colours, shapes and sizes. This is mostly due to the split in the breed between working and show Aussies. The working dogs are varied with all different kinds of head and body shapes, but can work stock for long periods of time. Show Aussies can mostly still herd stock but not on the same level as working bred. Show Aussies have a more uniform look.

Now that I am immersed in Aussies, I can say that they are the right breed for me.


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