Our New Dog – Again!

By now some of you may know that we have another new puppy. She is a six month old Australian Shepherd we call JoJo.

We decided she would be right for our family when we noticed that she was available from the same breeder who bred our McCoy and Finn.

Notice the difference in looks between the two working bred Aussies (Tommy and Emmett) on the outside and show bred JoJo in the middle.

The reason we went with another purebred Aussie is because we are familiar with the breed, the dogs from this breeder and the breeder herself. This made it easy to choose a dog as we are aware of the behaviour of this breed, which is MUCH different from the Kuvasz and our Ira.

One of the differences between JoJo and Ira, is that JoJo can run off leash with the other dogs and Ira cannot. This is partly due to her smaller size, as she is not big enough to hurt anyone seriously if bumped when running, but also her manner of interaction with them and us.

Ira is actually dangerous when he starts running fast to both humans and other dogs. This will get better with maturity but for now he must be on a leash when in a large area with our other dogs. This is for the protection of all of us.

JoJo is fun loving, happy and playful. Obviously she needs training and now knows her name and is learning “sit”, something potential show dogs are not taught to do. We have also worked a little on her retrieve which I am glad to say will not be difficult to change into catching a disc when she is old enough.

This week we are introducing her to the camping tent. I am interested to know if there are any issues with the tent, not that their should be, but she has never seen one, so we’ll see what not being exposed to it early in life will result in.

When we brought Ira home from the breeder he slept in the tent 5 times before he was 11 weeks old.

It should be fun!

Ernie looks irritated but that is just his “morning” face.


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