Why We Haven’t Been Training Much Lately

In the last 2 months I have not been training the dogs as much as I had planned or wanted to. This is because on April 8th we lost our fourth dog in 10 months – McCoy.

McCoy was 16 years and one month old. He hadn’t been eating well for about 5 days and was losing energy and then stopped eating. It was kidney failure. We did a blood draw and the results were everything was perfect except kidney levels.

Since then I have been having trouble doing things and I have been unable to focus on training, with the exception of making sure Ira gets the basic training he needs daily. Occasionally I have been able to force myself to do a training video or 5 minutes of extra training. The loss of four family members in such a short time has been very difficult.

I know lots of other people have much worse situations to deal with but one deals with what one has, and this is what has happened in our household.

McCoy enjoying a romp in the grass.

McCoy was a joy to have around with his perpetual “smiley face” and great attitude. He was always interested in his surroundings and was never mean to another dog or a fly.  He lived with me for three months short of 16 years.

McCoy was extremely talented at any dog sport we tried. He was the first dog in Western Canada to achieve his Basic Disc Freestyle disc title from the Canadian Disc Dog Association with two first place placements in competition, did well in Rally and Obedience and loved to pull a sled until he was 12 years old.

When he was younger he would greet people by jumping up to their faces and giving them a kiss on the mouth and then barking in a kind of shrieking manner to tell them how happy he was to see them.

McCoy was bred by Lydine Denzin of Sheep’s Kin Australian Shepherds.

McCoy was Ernie’s buddy. We sure miss him and there is a big empty space in our house and hearts.


March 12 2001 –  April 8 2017

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