Reducing A Puppy’s Reactivity

Is your puppy starting to show signs of being reactive to things? Is the puppy’s reactivity kind of embarrassing  and cause you to worry about what might happen?

In the last few weeks, our new puppy Ira has started to bark at the next door neighbours. He figured this out on his own because the other dogs no longer do this so they did not teach him.

I suppose it is possible that he picked up on my energy about the neighbours (we won’t go into that right now),  but more likely it is a result of growing up and starting to guard.

Luckily, one day a couple of weeks ago, I was able to film and give commentary on what I am doing to reduce or stop this issue.

I have mentioned in other blog posts that some reactivity is actually normal in most dogs. All dogs are reactive to something. This does not mean aggression. It is just being stimulated by movement or sound and creates a reaction in the dog of arousal or barking.

It is normal to some extent because the vast majority of dog breeds were developed to hunt or chase other animals of some sort.

This week’s featured video shows how I am working with Ira and how the technique actually does work. It is quite nice to be able to change my dog’s response to something that causes him to bark annoyingly.

Check it out below.


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