How To Make Big Training Progress

Taking Small Steps

Most people want to train their dogs to accomplish something – a well behaved and well adjusted dog, lower stress level in the house or even taking part in competition. Everyone has a different result that they wish and work for.

Disc Dog or Canine Disc was the first dog sport that I was involved with went I got dogs. When I started down the path with the Kuvasz breed, I did not intend for them to play frisbee. But, like many things, it was a lesson to me that any dog can learn just about anything.

With my Kuvasz Ira, we are working step by step towards ONE goal – catching a disc with the big picture result of demonstrating that all dogs can learn to do anything. We are not at the catching point yet, and we are just working on retrieving the disc in a slightly larger area.


This is so important for the dog to learn – to do the retrieve well in small spaces first.

But this post is not about training a dog to fetch or play disc.

It is important to remember that small steps count when attempting to accomplish anything in the long term. In fact small steps are really the fastest way to get anywhere you want or reach any goal.

I find that with dog training, making big steps (going to fast in the training) results most often in going backwards at some point because I have missed some steps. If you go too fast, you will inevitably have to do some re-training. If you miss a step your dog might learn the behaviour, but not as well as if you go slower.

Better to go slow and take one step at a time.


For me, this applies to most things in life as well. Rushing anything usually brings about mistakes or a job poorly done. I have done this many, many times and still have to remind myself almost daily of the truth of it.

If you want to train your dog, go step by step and reward heavily. If you want to accomplish something in your life do that same thing. Most importantly keep your most important values in mind when deciding on a goal. Goals are just a step to a larger big picture result.

Keep the big picture in mind but do the many steps in between carefully and consistently.