All Dogs Can Learn- Retrieving!

In today’s video feature, Tommy and I have been working on retrieving. I have talked about this before but Tommy’s progress is quite astounding and I want to discuss it in a bit more detail.

When Tommy came to us he was four years old and didn’t know his name or any verbal “cues” except possibly “hhhaayyyyyyyyyy” when yelled at. The previous “owner” told me this was how she got dogs to stop fence fighting.

Anywho, he was also not interested in chasing toys of any kind or interacting in a play-like fashion with other dog or people. We have no idea how that happened. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that a dog, who at his age had so much against him from a training standpoint, can learn.

Yep, he learned to retrieve.

He may never be able to chase a ball with real enjoyment as he likely would have as a puppy, but he can learn to do stuff. All dogs can learn. In reality we didn’t even really do that much training to get him to this point. We could have done much more.

The more training you do, within reason, the faster the learning. Proper technique comes in to play as well, but most dog learn despite poor technique anyway 😉

It is important to not label what a dog can or cannot do based on what is going on at the moment. I have seen it time and time again. It is simply a matter of changing the training process and some of the techniques.

That is the most wonderful thing about dogs – their resilience.

Happy Retrieving!


2 thoughts on “All Dogs Can Learn- Retrieving!

  1. So many humans have developed in some manner when in middle age or even senior years, so I wonder why people cannot give dogs the same latitude. Perhaps if they offered constructive and positive support, their canine friend would surprise them!

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