Your Dog Can Love Getting A Bath?

Yep. We have started training with the DIY bathtub on the low grooming table. Tommy and Emmett were my training guinea dogs.

It was interesting to note the training here because each dog responded differently to the situation. You can really see the effects of good training for different situations in this video.

Tommy and I have done extensive work desensitizing him for his fear of riding in vehicles. This training actually helped him progress extremely quickly in the bathtub training. I have another training”trick” that I will be applying when it comes to actually bathing the dogs. I have tried it with Ira when he was a small  puppy in the other bathtub and was quite pleased with the result.

You’ll have to wait for another blog post to find out what it is!

I always stress that dogs need to be trained to do different things, including silly circus tricks. When they are, it makes doing OTHER things much easier, especially if that thing might not be the most pleasant thing – like taking a bath.

So training for one thing (even something silly like shake a paw) can be multee-purpose.

I am also very happy with the DIY bathtub that Ernie fixed up for us.

Happy Dog Bathing!




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