Getting Stuff Done While Working From Home, With Multiple Dogs

Having a new dog in the house is disruptive – although fun for the most part. Working from home is a challenge even without a puppy needing attention the majority of the time. I never used to be able to follow a schedule no matter how hard I tried.

Now I have to.

And I have to say that after so many years not being able to stick to a schedule, I am happy with it and I’m able to do it without the stress I used to experience.

This is really how I get the things I NEED to get done and the things I WANT to get done.

The Most Important Thing (set your priorities)

Because I am managing my dogs all day long, there is always something that happens that you don’t know will come up during the day. This is why it is SO important to get the most important things done in the morning – EARLY.

This possibly requires you to change your sleeping schedule.

For some people this will be difficult or might seem impossible. What I am finding is that because I am doing something I am interested in at this time of the morning, I don’t really have a problem getting up. It is both what I want and need to do. It is a time of the day when it is quiet, dark and I am able to concentrate for a certain block of time.

In all of the information I have been reading about being productive, they all say that the brain can only really focus for a certain amount of time, that being 90 minutes.

Also, four hours is the maximum amount of time the brain is able to function at top level during a day. This makes total sense and is why desk jobs are so difficult for many people – they have likely reached their limit of concentration for the day.

So I write about dogs and other subjects during this 90 minute period. If I don’t do it then, it doesn’t get done.

The other thing I have set time aside for is training my dogs. When it comes down to it, it is only really about 30 minutes in total that I am training.  I mean, how long can you really do one session? 10 minutes is mostly the maximum. When I do the training I film it at the same time so I have footage for my videos.

I simply have to stop everything else and do the training. Then it is done and then I don’t have to worry about getting it done by rushing later when other things are happening.

Those are the two main things that are the most important. When they are done, everything else gets done too. It quite amazing how it works.


Think of it this way. If something is your JOB, you do it. You go to work and do that job – you don’t mess around (for the most part) doing other things and not getting your work done.

The same thing applies at home, only it’s more important there because you are likely tempted to do many other things before work. It is easy to get sidetracked. I don’t take any calls during the morning for instance because I am working. People can leave a message. I also don’t worry if one of my dogs is not feeling well or if I’m tired or if it’s nice outside (because then we go outside). All of these things can disrupt a schedule and stop you from working.


Also, the new dog or puppy will eventually learn the routine and stay quiet while you do the important work first thing.

Play time comes AFTER all the work is done.

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