Easiest Doggie DIY Ever

I was so excited to find this DIY on YouTube I had to make a video about it.

Teaching your dog to free-stack or stand nicely for conformation, is not really on most dog-human’s important list for training. However, because the project is do easy to make it is worth doing, especially since it can help your dog learn to stand nicely in many different situations.

I like to use it at the vet so that the dog’s whole posture can bee seen. If a dog cannot hold a stack, it may indicate some issue with joints or muscles. Also, it helps a dog focus and relax – I find anyway.

Teaching this behaviour is easy, especially with a clicker. One things you do have to watch out for is that you train your dog to STOP moving his feet into the correct position – not to continue moving his feet.

This behaviour is simply something that has to be properly selected for when you are training. A dog needs to move his feet to get them in the proper position. Click/reward when the dog stops moving his feet.

If your dog does not know where his feet should be, he will keep moving them. This is where this DIY will come in handy. It shows the dog exactly where the feet go without too much moving to find the spots.

If you wanted, and for fun, you could paint the boards with something doggie related in cool colours.

Have fun and happy training!


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