Five Frugal Tips For Stay-At-Home Dog People

Many of you already know that I have made the choice to work from home to be with my husband and dogs everyday. This does not have to be a problem when considering the topic of money or making a living, although that would likely be the reason that most people would choose NOT to work from home.

Another reason that people generally avoid working LESS is because our society is obsessed with making money and buying THINGS, especially if we think those things will make us look better in the eyes of others.

In this post, I’m going to discuss making an income and working less which doesn’t really result in less income. 

The amount of income one makes working from home does not necessarily decrease because you are working from home. However, Ernie and I are naturally frugal people, and as I wrote about in my post about this choice of lifestyle, we don’t spend money on just everything.

I purposely work a little less so that I can have more time with my dogs. This DOES mean some less income, so I use the time to be with my dogs while doing certain things that save us money.

Frugal Tips

One: We grow all our own vegetables our own food, and cook all of our meals from scratch.

When I am cooking or, in the fall, putting away vegetables for the winter, the dogs are able to spend time with me in the kitchen and enjoy checking the floor for veggie morsels. Vegetables are pretty much free for the taking for the dogs. The latest consensus is that your dog benefits from having vegetables added to his store-bought dog food.

I am not a veterinarian nor am I an animal nutritionist, but from my own experience feeding dogs since 1999, I have found that dogs enjoy these extras and they don’t put on weight. My dogs that were well over 15 years have eaten some fresh food all their lives and it has not hurt them one bit in my opinion.

Two: I learned to groom my own dogs.

I love grooming and doing the work myself allows me to spend more time with my dogs. While you don’t have to do all of the grooming if you are uncomfortable with doing it or if your dog is not happy about it, it is important to do at lease SOME maintenance of your dog’s coat and nails.

Three: We feed our dogs high quality food, i.e. fresh real food.

WHAT? This is not a frugal tip is it? Actually, feeding your dog or yourself well is one of the best illness preventatives there is. Notice I did not say high quality “dog” food. That is because I don’t want to distinguish between foods. If you choose to feed pet store bought food to your dog that is your choice. Good quality food is important in reducing vet bills. This I know because I have been experiencing it for years personally. You will need to do your own research and observe your own dogs to determine what you can and are willing to feed.

If you are not sure, you will need to do some research for yourself – and there is a lot of information out there to go through. Then, once you have done that, make a decision you can live with. For me, this is a frugal tip because I save money on dog health bills by feeding well. You will need to determine this on your own for your own dog.

Four: Prevent doggie obesity.

For us that means giving the dogs regular exercise and taking care as to how much our dogs eat. Overfeeding is a waste of money and not good for the dog. There is a lot of scientific research on the benefits of calorie restriction or fasting. I don’t fast my dogs but I definitely keep the food amounts down. That goes for myself too. This is something else you will have to research and find out if it is right for you to do.

Five: We don’t overspend, but we buy good quality equipment.

The most important thing we do as frugal stay at homes is to NOT SPEND MONEY. There is so much you can do without spending it isn’t even funny. For example, walking, is really the best exercise there is in my opinion, and it is easy to do with your dog (hopefully) and dogs love it. It costs no money.

We make a lot of our own stuff like dog cushions and covers, some dog training equipment, dog treats, and we don’t go on fancy vacations. We entertain ourselves mostly for free (with the exception of cable TV which we still have). When I am working (my work is done on the computer) my dogs are with me and I can monitor them well and occasionally do some spontaneous training (somewhat entertaining).

Homemade Long Line made from good quality rope and clip
Emmett on one of our homemade dog cushions

It is very important that when you buy equipment such as leashes, collars, bowls, cushions, etc. that you buy GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS. Living frugally doesn’t necessarily not spending at all and it doesn’t mean being cheap. You may have had the experience of having something breakdown or tear/rip very soon after being bought. Most likely these things were of poor quality and were cheap in the real sense of the word. Don’t buy cheap things. Buy good or excellent quality things at reduced prices, occasionally at full price. Then you know that the product will likely last and you will get your money’s worth.

Good quality harnesses and leashes.

So there are actually many different ways that you can be frugal enough to consider staying at home with your dogs, you just have to be creative and be able to make do with not buying everything in sight. Although it is easier not to buy when you don’t go into stores, it becomes more difficult with the prevalence of online shopping.

However, you decide to do it, make sure it is what you WANT to do not what you feel you must or are pressured to do by someone or yourself.

8 thoughts on “Five Frugal Tips For Stay-At-Home Dog People

  1. Living frugal to be with my dogs sounds like something I’d wanna do! I tell my fiance all the time “I just wanna be a stay at home dog mom!” Someday soon I hope!

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  2. Great tips! I work in an office, but I get to work from home one day a week, so I get a little taste of this lifestyle, and I really enjoy it (and I think the dogs do too). Your dogs are beautiful. Delighted to have found your blog!

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  3. Loved the tips. I agree that buying poor quality equipment does not pay in the long run. I bought a pin brush for Bailey that began losing its pins after only a few weeks. The replacement brush was purchased based on the recommendation of another Newfoundland dog owner blogger with much better results. I had to pay a bit more but, the design was better. I liked that the blogger explained why it had worked so well for her. Repurposing items such as old t-shirts into drool rags, old wool socks into winter paw protectors and my all-time favourite – using old twine rope to fashion into braided rope pull toys for Bailey (my son uses his sea cadet rope skills to make these toys). Great post!

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    1. Awesome, thanks! Sounds like you are dedicated to reusing things too. Its difficult to spend that money on good things sometimes but worth it in the end. Thanks again.


  4. I had a chance to go back into an office after 14 years of working from home. The thought of leaving Stuart, let alone changing his routine, even though the Dad Peep also works from home, was excruciating. I choose not to. It’s freedom that I wouldn’t change for anything. Not even employer supplied benefits – though THAT was hard to turn down. Things have a way of turning out.

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