The Worst Camping Trip Ever

I do not want to write this post but I have to, to let all of our fans know what has happened.

We have lost our wonderful dog Miranda to a severe infection. This happened on our last camping trip, on Friday June 17th. I won’t go into details right now because there will be future blog posts regarding what has happened, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I will still be blogging about dogs.

I have decided though, because of this tragedy, to change the focus of this blog slightly.

Because this happened on a camping trip, we have decided to postpone any more camping trips indefinitely.

Needless to say my motivation to do anything right now is very low, and I have had to take time off work because of what happened. Miranda was our youngest and most active dog, and I had started several video training series with her on our YouTube channel. This is obviously the least of my worries but it is a consideration to our fans.

So now, I have decided to stop private training and grooming to spend all my time with my own dogs, rather than caring for other people’s dogs. This may sound heartless, but unfortunately when something really bad happens, it causes a person to change the way she/he sees things. This is what this has done for me.

I do have other sources of income but these do not require me to spend time away from the dogs like grooming and teaching do. I can have them with me at all times. I will be discussing this in future blog posts.

Thank you to all of our friends and fans who have stuck around while I re-couperate. I am not done yet, but I am a little better.




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