A Tip for 2016

I am posting this kind of late but I think it is an important point to make. I have been making an effort for several years now to, how to put this nicely, change my attitude about things. And I feel that I have been fairly successful in my effort.

I found that in the past when I am stressed or unhappy with myself, I take that out on my family or by making negative comments in general. I know this happens a lot with people and it even crosses over to the dog world and dog training. When we are not making a fast enough change with our dog’s behaviour, or our own for that matter, there is a tendency to lash out to make ourselves feel better.

For 2016, it might be interesting to try to relax about what others think of us and how our dog’s are acting and enjoy things instead of being negative. I know this could be a controversial subject and some may take offence to my stating it out loud, but that is what I will have to endure.

Anyway, enjoy your pets.

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