Summer Recap, Autumn Changes

With fall always comes changes. In our little resort town, the sound of boats on the lake are replaced by combines in the field. I prefer the combines.

We had one last short camping trip this September, just two nights. You know its time to put the camping stuff away for the year when all you can think about is going home. We had enough vacation and we ended up camping for a total of 15 nights this year. Pretty good for our busy summers.

                        One last campfire

Now that the camping season is over for the year here, we have to find other things to occupy our thoughts and time. There are a few things that we have to do this fall. Three dogs need trips to the vet for checkups. We have to go to the city to buy dog food. With the cooler weather we can start walking daily now.

Our training schedule also usually ramps up in the fall because we can train more often with the cooler temps. We had plans to attend some dog shows to trial in rally and obedience, but it didn’t pan out. I guess the excessive busyness took its toll.

But the training has definitely increased already now and I am trying to decide what projects to work on. I feel that possibly I might attend some dog training classes for fun and the social aspect of it. I have been too isolated in our little village for too long. This would require that I travel at least an hour to the nearest facility. I haven’t been in a weekly training class taught by another instructor for over a decade. It can be interesting to see new faces and techniques.

Conditioning for sledding should start soon. Emmett is not going to be able to pull a sled anymore as far as I can see, to prevent aggravating his injury. He should be able to be my demo dog for the training for my next credential – the clicker training assessment program level 2, CAP2. We have started that already. Miranda and Tommy will be working on sledding.

AJ relaxing on a warm fall day. The shrubs behind her don’t loose their leaves until frost.

Until then, we will be relaxing a bit more until the busy times starts again.

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