Autumn Camping With Dogs At Bird’s Hill Provincial Park

We are just finishing up a four night campout. This time we are at Bird’s Hill Provincial Park just north of Winnipeg, MB. Being so close to the city has its advantages and disadvantages.

Obviously, there will be more noise and traffic. The park is not so close to the city that it sounds like you are IN the city, but there is definitely noise from the highway. Also, there are more people in the campground, and more people with dogs.

But that is really all for cons with his park. The positive things far outweigh the negative. Being close to the city gives you quick access to the city. And this is good for picking up special things for the dogs at the pet store😉

2015-09-11 10.41.16

 Everything I bought just happened to be made in Canada, but I will also buy products made in USA as long as they are sold at a pet store and the quality is there.

Another benefit of having more people around is that there are more services in the park. And for us, the biggest one is hiking trails. There are many kilometres of trails in this place and they are convenient and easy to walk. This is important for our older dogs who can’t go as far as the younger ones.

2015-09-10 19.16.45

Our campsite was different this time. It was on a corner and wide open. This is not ideal when you have dogs, but we made it work. We have been in this spot before and figured out how to angle the van so that it blocked the view.

2015-09-11 10.59.19Because it is fall now, the cooler weather means I can start wearing my toques again. It is something that I love doing, and I make them myself, so you will see me wearing many different coloured ones starting now.

2015-09-10 12.08.25

Back to dogs. There were several reactive dogs here this time. They bark at people walking by but mostly at people with dogs going by. Our dogs do not bark at other dogs when we are walking but will when others walk by.  It is likely a territorial issue.

The dogs really enjoy hiking and sleeping on our trips as you can see.

2015-09-10 11.33.06

We have time this year for one more campout before the parks close and we have to start training for sledding. The cooler weather makes camping at this time if year the most enjoyable for us and our hairy dogs.

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