Dog Friendly Camping and Hiking At Asessippi Provincial Park

Our latest camp-out was done at Asessippi Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada. The park is a good size and is situated along a lake that was created by flooding a valley to control river levels downstream. Thousands of people come here every year to fish.

The river side of the dam.

We come to camp. This was our second visit here, but it was the first time we explored the place and did some hiking. Because we can’t leave dogs alone in the trailer or tent (park rules), we go hiking separately, unless it is a short trail. Finn can’t go far because of her cardiovascular issues (will discuss in another post), so we hike one or two dogs at a time, with either Ernie or me taking the dogs.

Me, AJ and Tommy finishing up a hike on the trail system that runs through the campground.

The trails in this park are not as extensive as in other provincial or national parks, but are adequate and actually quite interesting, going from heavily treed and curvy paths to wide open field area that show the valley walls beautifully.

The open prairie at the valley floor

The dogs really don’t care WHERE they go, as long as they are going. The whole park is heavily used in the summer and when we were there, although there were few campers, almost everyone had a dog or two. So, there are lots of interesting smells for everyone to examine. For those who want to do heavier trails with their dogs, there are a few more difficult ones that we didn’t do that lead right into the bush. Ernie did take Tommy 3 miles return on the trails to the concession though!


While there, we didn’t run into anyone not following the rules about having dogs in a park (being off leash), this time anyway. Eventually though, it will happen.

We will likely return to Asessippi next year for a few nights. We like to change campsites each time we go to get a different vantage point and keep things interesting.

siteBut for now, we leave this beautiful provincial park to rest and recuperate until next year.

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