Using A Harness For Hiking

2015-08-27 18.58.54

This camping trip all the dogs did a little hiking. We usually use back attached harneses on everyone. This time I used a front attach harness for AJ.

I find that for hiking with a large dog this works best. The leash does flop around on the dog’s front leg a bit, depending which side it is on. This aside, the harness makes it easier to control a dog, which is good in new situations and places where dogs can get excited about being.

It also assists in training loose leash walking by reducing the leverage for pulling. Dogs can still pull in theses harneses, but not nearly as good as in a back attach harness. While the dog is not pulling excessively, you can click/reward it and increase the occurence of the behaviour you DO want – not pulling. There are many of these harnesses on the market. Each one is different and has their proponents. Do your research before choosing one.

Happy hiking!

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