Injury Update For Emmett

After several weeks of doing nothing, more or less, Emmett has successfully repaired his knee, more or less. The vet says there is a little laxity there so there is still an injury but it is not hopeless. I am glad to hear that for some things, there is a good reason to NOT exercise your dog! I am going to keep working on the strengthening exercises and keeping him subdued with regards to movement for several more weeks.

We have done more walking than usual however. I think that if we had kept up the walking instead of just running, injuries would be fewer. This is the same for humans. If you do nothing and then all of a sudden try to bend over and pick something up, you could quite possibly strain a muscle in your back. I have done this several times. It is important to keep moving everyday. Dogs and humans were designed to MOVE not sit.


McCoy our oldest (14) has also been to the vet for mobility issues. The muscles in his back legs have deteriorated to where his back legs are almost straight and he cannot get up with ease anymore. He is still active but less mobile during that activity.

So to prevent injury I am endeavouring to do something everyday to strengthen all my dog’s and my own muscles. This should be a given, but sometimes life keeps you too busy to pay attention to the important things. Time for a change.

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