Dogs Like Gardening Too.

We have two large gardens that we use to grow all our own vegetables. We also have several apple trees and a large area of raspberries. There are paths in between every two rows of veggies and most of the time the dogs are good at staying on them without trampling any plants.

The amount of food we get from these things is amazing and the dogs get to enjoy some if we have extras.

We just finished pea harvest and all of the dogs like pea shells. They don’t get many, just a few to crunch when Ernie is shelling them. At the same time we were harvesting peas, the raspberries were ready. Not all the dogs like them though, only 4 out of 6.

                          Shelling peas

Miranda has learned to pick the ripe ones off the bushes.

She also steals cabbage hearts when we are making saurkraut (below).


We let the dogs eat the occasional apple as well. These have to be managed however, so they don’t eat too many seeds. Even though they don’t chew the seeds and they probably just go right through them, I still am careful.

Five out of six like zucchini, which is being taken off the garden now too. And of course they will all eat cooked vegetables when we are eating supper.


All of this makes for an interestingly scented and tuneful summer if you get my drift.

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