Dispelling Another Dog Myth

Recently we visited some relatives who are dog fans. On our trip, we brought four of our dogs with us. As one relative was walking McCoy around the yard for a sniff, a question was asked.  How can people have large dogs in the city?

Having six dogs in a house in a small town, I naturally explained that size of the dog actualy doesn’t really matter. What matters is the amount of time you spend with your dog doing exercise and mentally stimulating activity.

Living with two dogs that are large and four medium sized dogs, I can defintely say that they really prefer to be with us rather than to be left on their own and amuse themselves. Having a fenced in yard or a large house, a farm or acreage for a dog to run around on, is not necessarily the best thing for a dog or for their. It is not the best way to train your dog either.

This is because the temptation is there to just let the dog go and run. Many things can happen to an unsupervised dog. Destruction of property, nuisance barking or injury.

This is not to say that all dog’s humans are irresponsible. But what I am saying is that there is little to no substitution for giving your dog your attention and time.

After I said my piece about this to the relative, I got the REAL truth. They just don’t want a large dog in their own home. This is totally a personal choice.

This is often how myths get perpetuated. Not having a large dog in the city is simply a choice they want to make. It does not mean that you shouldn’t have large dogs in urban areas. But one could interpret their choice as something else, like I did.

Yes you can have any sized dog in an urban area as long as the dog is getting mental and physical requirements met. This is also a personal choice because some people simply cannot do this. These are the dogs then who likely shouldn’t live in the city.ajbrush

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