Injury Forces Training Adjustments

Emmett, my large (63 lbs) Australian Shepherd has severely injured his ligament in his right knee. Actually, now both are injured but the second one is almost completely torn off. This happened by accident (ha my fault) although I don’t know HOW specifically. I let him run a little and as normal, he went wild. This is when I think he must have torn his ACL.

As I have discussed before, his uncontrolled running and chasing happened because of lack of training on my part and is now a habit. I did successfully help heal the first ACL tear by keeping him on leash and doing strengthening exercises and walking. The first knee injury was not too bad either. But all it took was one evening and about three times tearing around the yard for the other “good” knee to become severely injured.

Now, Emmett is no longer able to participate in any training unless stationary. He was my frisbee dog, and I was planning on taking him into obedience with the Canadian Kennel Club program. Not any more. However, this is a good chance to work on training away a behaviour that has caused injury and increasing his self control. Maybe this is more important.


3 thoughts on “Injury Forces Training Adjustments

  1. One of my friends was discussing her dog’s ACL problems this last week – it did not sound like fun, and a good reason for me (one of many) to get Choppy’s weight down 5-10 pounds. Good luck working on the training!


    1. Hi,
      We have been doing well with the plan so far. It is taking more time to do things but is WELL worth the time to prevent surgery. My Kuavsz AJ has already had the surgery three years ago and althougb she was never overweight her joints were lose as the vet said. Hope Choppy stays healthy! Ttyl.

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