Experience Life From A Dog’s Perspective

There are many things that we humans think are important – to have, do and be. Dogs on the other hand don’t care about this stuff. They just want to be with us and eat tasty food.

As a result of my decluttering yesterday, I was reminded that life is better without all the “stuff” that we put into it. This can apply to how we relate to our dogs as well.

For example, I often talk about taking my dogs into dog sport competitions. Actually, competitions are not really important. I do them because I need to have proof of my training ability. But the dogs don’t care. They enjoy sniffing no matter where they are (in the ring!!). They can even find new things to smell in our back yard.

Going to competitions for many people is serious business. Both human and dog are stressed out because of the pressure of wanting to win or do well. I have experienced this myself on numerous occasions. The times that I did the best in competition were the time I stopped caring about doing well and was having fun.


I don’t feel that my life with my dogs is necessarily any better because I have the latest new toy or walking harness. The thing I would be more concerned about would be convenience. Does the harness work well so that I can get out with my dog and hike? Will this item work for us to increase our experience of the activity we are doing? Does it make things safer?

Things and attitudes are what bogs humans down from really taking in all that is going on around them. You don’t need to travel far away to feel like a tourist. You can do that in your own city or town. It is all in your thinking. You just have to be.

Like a dog.

So, I will try to be more like my dogs from now on. Eat, play, be silly, and experience what is in front of you.

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