Decluttering The Dog’s Storage Closet

Decluttering one’s life can mean many things, but I think mostly it means getting rid of the extra stuff that we accumulate over time that takes up space, prevents us from enjoying the things we have AND life, and removing money from our wallets.

I finally decided to declutter my dog equipment closet. The way it was looking was concerning to me.  I was not sure what I had in there because the was simply too much stuff. This is where too much stuff can actually cause a person to lose money.  If you can’t find the thing you thought you had already bought, you will inevitably go out and buy another one, only to find the one you already had and then you have two which you don’t need. Thus wasting money.

Before Decluttering

I have six dogs and a fairly small amount of equipment. Luckily, I already consider myself a “minimalist”. Dogs really don’t require that much stuff to live with. We prefer to focus on experiences rather than things. This is the main way that too much stuff can affect one’s life. If you are focused on material things you are continually worrying about them and it can be difficult to enjoy life on its own.

Most of the stuff I have is for training different behaviours like tricks where you need props. For toys, I don’t use too many, and mostly the old stand-bys like discs and Kongs. I have a few stuffed toys as well, but rarely use them.

The rest is stuff to clean up after the dogs if needed and a few items for specific activities like lifejackets for boating and our survival kits for hiking.

I actually DID throw a few things in the garbage which I hadn’t used ever, or couldn’t use because of the condition.

So all in all the de-cluttering process was fairly painless. It was a useful exercise so that I remember not to buy stuff I don’t need. That is the key to keeping everything in your home organized and your life more relaxed and free.

After Decluttering
After Decluttering

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