Not Agile Does Not Mean Untrainable

My latest video is just a short one of AJ and I working on weave poles.

AJ is not very agile, being 10 year old and a Kuvasz and all, AND having had her ACL repaired 3 years ago. But she can still learn just like any other dog.

Before I knew much about dogs, I often believed what I read about them. One of these things is that certain dog breeds are not as smart as others. Now, I have a Kuvasz and have learned that all dogs are smart and some are so smart that they SEEM as though they are not intelligent.

Teaching AJ the weave poles made me look at the subject of dog intelligence in another way. Often, dogs who are not overly toy motivated or animated, fast, quick, and human oriented are seen as less intelligent. The Kuvasz is not your most toy motivated breed and isn’t obsessed with chasing things repeatedly and often is somewhat aloof especially from people the dog doesn’t know well. A dog who whips through the weaves at a high rate of speed seems smart. A Kuvasz can’t do that. This really does affect our perceptions about dog intelligence, well mine anyway.

How can you make the weave poles interesting to a dog who isn’t overly fast and agile and who doesn’t care about chasing toys?

Its not that a dog is less smart. Its more about whether or not the dog sees anything in it for him.


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