Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

I have become a regular brusher of my dog’s teeth in the last several years. It really makes a difference for my dogs teeth and breath and they enjoy having it done, with one exception. McCoy HATES having his teeth brushed. It’s because he has bad teeth and I never got him used to it early which is fairly important.

Strangely though, I had always checked my dog’s teeth, even if I wasn’t brushing them. McCoy was raw fed for most of his life and had clean white teeth until he quit eating the raw meat and bones (chicken). Then I had his teeth cleaned and one removed and now he has terrible teeth.

Because brushing works so well, I can’t not do it.


I use a small toothbrush that I got at the vet’s and C.E.T. toothpaste. The reason I use these is simply from trying other brands and finding that these work best for me. If you are going to do this, make sure you do your homework and pick appropriate products.

This is how I brush:

1. I put dog toothpaste on the brush and let the dog lick it off.

2. I put another dab of toothpaste on the brush and then start on one side of the dog’s mouth on the top teeth. I brush down away from the gums and then sometimes in a gentle circle over the teeth from front to back. When the top teeth are done, I do the bottom.

3. I do the other side of the mouth as above.

4. I let the dog lick another small amount of toothpaste of the brush.

There are probably other ways to do this and possibly a more technically correct way, but it is still working to keep the tartar away and the breath smelling good. It really works and is worth doing.

2 thoughts on “Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

  1. We were told the earlier starting, the better. She wasn’t keen at first. I never thought about letting her taste the toothpaste before attempting to brush. I will keep this tip in mind when our second newf pup comes home. Thankfully, Bailey now looks forward to her nightly brushing with the beef flavoured toothpaste.

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