Time Management With Dogs

For the next 15 days you may notice (you will now!) that I am blogging every day. I have taken on a 15 day blog challenge from Natalie Sissons the Suitcase Entrepreneur. I am only posting her page for your info and I do not get compensated for doing this.

The main reason I am doing this challenge is that I thought it would help me get more productive when it comes to training my dogs – and it has. Now, I am not the super go getter business owner with energy to spare, continually moving and doing. I am quite laid back and often find it difficult to start on a project.

The other reason that this appeals to me is that for a while now, I have been interested in doing more travelling, mostly in our local area and also in this country. In order to do this, we have to take the dogs with us and be organized so that things get done, such as taking care of the vegetable garden and making a living. This is why the Suitcase Entrepreneur appeals to me.

The information that I am receiving from this program is highly useful and has actually help me channel my low energy into useful things. At the end of the day ( we are on day 3 of the challenge), I DON’T find myself exhausted when normally I would be. I feel this is due to specific things that Natalie tells us to implement, the main one being do your most important tasks (MIA) FIRST.

My most important task is spending time with the dogs one at a time, doing some training.

For the last three days I have been able to do training sessions in the morning – not with all the dogs, but with certain ones – and have accomplished some excellent things.


When it comes to paying attention to your dog or dogs, it doesn’t necessarily have to be all the time like they usually want, but as long as it is regular. I am hoping that at the end of 15 days I will see a great improvement in my ability to get training done AND in my dogs’ satisfaction that they are getting enough mental stimulation.

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