Campground Leashing

Camping is something we are passionate about, and so are the dogs. They love being outside as dogs do, moving around and of course sniffing. We camp in tents as well a travel trailer, depending on how far we are going.

Leashing dogs in campground and parks  is absolutely essential. We make  sure that are all on leash at all times. So many times we have run into dogs off leash in campgrounds and we narrowly missed having an unwanted interaction with questionable dogs. Questionable means a dog that comes towards us with tail up and often barking or growling. Sometimes the dog is at a campsite and sometimes the dog is on a trail or road. Either way, a dog you don’t know that is approaching you is scary.

1433372864196This reduces our enjoyment because our dog’s safety is at risk.  So far, nothing bad has happened as the human is usually close by. It is very difficult to confront a dog’s human regarding this so I usually just keep quiet. Other than those times -about 4 in total so far, we have had enjoyable camping experiences.

As we travel to new campgrounds this summer, I expect there will be some issues, but likely there won’t be any major issues.

I will be blogging on our camping trips this summer. I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer!

One thought on “Campground Leashing

  1. This was a very important topic that I have often thought about doing (taking the dog on a tent camping trip). Even with our loving, happy-go-lucky Golden Doodle, who was normal from the get-go, with her, I was concerned about maybe someone even stealing her.

    You made a very important point about confronting the human owner of a dog unleashed and straying or roaming around. Some people are honestly clueless, some are crazy, some are air heads but cool, and some are polite while not realizing their dog wondered off. Some people may be ugly or wait for an opportunity to “get even” while some would be cool about it.

    Would you say some campgrounds that allow leashed dogs can be better than others because they have clearly written rules that are enforced, regarding dogs or would u say they all are fairly the same, more or less? We have rented or stayed in cabins taking our prior dog, but tent camping and with multiple dogs shows you are to be truly admired and to know you don’t just take one or two but all of them. I bow wow wow down to you….I think I could have used someone like you a year ago, with our rescues.


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