Using The Ole Sniffer

This summer I have decided to start tracking with AJ. All dogs know how to track stuff. We don’t teach them that. What we teach them is to track what we WANT them to track.

In my case, this is a leather glove at the end of a human scent trail.

Tracking is easy and fun to train. You can’t do too much at once because of the need to put down a track repeatedly in order to train the dog. The dog loves it because there is food involved and they get to sniff, the best part.

There is also only a small amount of equipment needed which you likely already have anyway. You need a harness, a 50 foot long line and an old leather glove. Oh, and some food. That’s it.

The other good thing about tracking is that you can train with a friend. You may need someone to hold your dog while putting down a track, or to put down a track for you, and vice versa.


Tracking also gets you outside into nature and provides exercise for both you and your dog. I am videoing the whole process of working with AJ. If you want to follow along and learn how to work with your dog in tracking check out our You Tube channel.

Happy Tracking!

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