Disaster Preparedness With Dogs

evac3This week was Disaster Preparedness Week, so we decided to practice our emergency evacuation procedure and vlog it. Since we have 6 dogs, and they require certain things to keep them comfortable (food, equipment etc), as we humans do, I felt it necessary to be prepared in case of anything weird that might happen and we had to get out fast.

There wasn’t THAT much stuff that we ended up taking with us, but the key was to have it all in an accessible place and know what each person needs to look after to get it all done.

At the end of it all, we only forgot a couple of things, but nothing that would make a real difference to our ability to live away from home.

The dogs thought it was all fun because they were going for a ride. If you make an evacuation just like you were going out normally, and you are able to keep your self calm, mostly by practicing your procedure, the dogs will all follow suit.

So all in all it was a good experience which we will be repeating again this summer. The next practice will involve actually going away from home and practicing how we would live for a few days in another location.

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