Our, I mean the dog’s, new van


Yep, we finally got a new vehicle to carry the dogs around in. And it’s a van.

Having had dogs for many years now, I kind of became concerned with how I was transporting my dogs around. I always seemed to end up with small cars, never actually taking the leap to a van. I could have but something made me think that I had to have a car – I don’t know, just silly thinking.

We live in the country, and have trucks. I felt that my truck was not big enough or climate controlled enough to transport the dogs, and we needed to make the leap to getting a real van.

A passenger van not a mini van.

For the travel arrangements, Finn and Miranda are belted in on the seat behind the bars. This works extremely well as they cannot slip down on the floor but I can keep an eye on them and they enjoy the scenery. The rest of the dogs are in the bacvank in crates. The whole van is climate controlled.

The van will be used to expand our ability to visit different places, go to more dog shows and increase the amount of what we can carry with us when we go somewhere. Often, something (or some dog) had to be left behind due to lack of space. What a relief to have this vehicle.

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