Stop Eating… That STUFF

SO, our latest video is all about something that is disgusting to think and talk about but is a problem for many dog humans – their dog eats poop.

Well, you can rest assured that it is actually (in my opinion and experience) fairly normal for a dog to eat poop. In fact of the 9 dogs that have lived permanently with me and of the dozens that I have fostered over the years, I have found that it is actually unusual for a dog NOT to eat some kind of poop. All of my dogs have eaten cat poop. Even the dogs that I have fed a raw diet too went after cat poop.

Eating feces can be caused by a medical problem as well, and that should always be checked out, but for my dogs and many people I know with dogs, they eat and enjoy it.

Now, with our series of videos, the behaviour or eating poop can be addressed. Not only can you train your dog to stop eating poop, but you are training him to not eat other yummy things that are on the ground. The training works for many different things as you will see if you follow the video series.

Here’s to dogs and all the things they do!

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