Training A Simple Behaviour Can Build A Dog’s Confidence

Lately I have been working on “targeting” with the dogs. I used to teach this behaviour in my agility and basic training group classes, but I could tell that even though I explained what we were doing and WHY, the handlers didn’t get it. It just didn’t make sense to them. Why would you want your dog to touch your hand or something you held in your hand?

With our training in the last two weeks I have come to truly understand the benefits of target training, so much so that I will be making a series of videos on teaching and using it.

A target is nothing unless a dog pays attention to it. That is where your training comes in. After the basic training is when the benefits can be seen. The dog in the video below has some fear issues surrounding movements of hands and arms towards her as well as a fear or certain objects coming towards her. This understandably makes her jumpy. The target seems to be helping her focus on one task and is lessening her fear around objects.

Below is our first targeting video showing the Boxer’s progression during target training. We hope to show amazing results.

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