Our Winter Dog Activities

When it is winter here, USUALLY starting sometime in November, we have to train mostly indoors. This gives us a chance to work on things that we sometimes don’t get to do, like training multiple dogs together or trick training.

This year we have a couple of different training goals. Our video posting schedule is now 3 times a week. This keeps us hopping and training. If you want to make the time to train, which is sometime difficult to do, start videoing and posting what you are working on.

Also, winter is the only time we can do any dog sledding – believe it or not! –  so we must take advantage of the acceptable temperatures to get out there and train and have fun when we can.

If there is too much wind even if the temp is somewhat decent, we can’t go out, which is frustrating to say the least. The best temp. for dog sledding for us is about -5°C (23 F) to – 14°C (7 F) assuming there is no wind. If there is wind at -14(7 F) forget it!

If we are training a new dog,  it is important to make sure it is pleasurable for the dog, so the warmer the better as long as there is no slush.

We have been doing “clicker sledding” for many years now. Check out our clicker sledding series on our channel, especially good if you have a dog who is somewhat reluctant to pull. Below is a picture from our early days of sledding.


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