Christmas Vacation With Klicker Kuvasz & Friends

This year we will be having a couple of our regulars staying with us over the holidays starting mid-December. Part of my income comes from looking after people’s furkids in our home (one of my several “at home” jobs!). While they are here, they get lots of attention, training, visiting with our dogs and lots of exercise.

We decorate and play Christmas music and do a couple of funny Christmas videos. This year we will include our canine guests in the videos, something we have never done before.

We also do training.   We train with food rewards.

My assumption is, is that a dog who is not doing what I need him to do has not been trained. Therefore, I cannot rightly correct a dog for something that I have not taught him well. It is at that point that I realize that I have not done my job. I have not done enough training.

Sometimes I go back to the beginning to figure out what went wrong, but more often that not I find that I just need a few more reps to get the dog to understand what is needed.

As we have already had our Thanksgiving here in Canada, we are now focusing on decorating for Christmas. Here is a video we did two years ago for the New Year. Watch for our Christmas video in the next couple of weeks.

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