Cooler Weather Favours Kuvasz Coat

The weather may be getting depressing to some, but at this time of year it is perfect for the Kuvasz. We live in a region which has cold winters – it can go down to -40 C AND F at times, but our autumns are beautiful and our kuvasz loves it. Actually all the dogs prefer it, and the humans (us) do as well.

When we have our daily off leash runs, there is no more sweating and excessive panting for an hour (or more) after. Even though the Kuvasz coat is not as thick, or as dark as our Australian Shepherd’s coat for the most part, our Kuvasz is more affected by the heat than the others.

So, since we live in a place with cold winters we take the opportunity to enjoy being outdoors. Sure, you have to be careful when it is REALLY cold and you probably can’t go outside much or for long, but there are many great winter days to enjoy.

Unfortunately, since we are so winter oriented here, I cannot have dogs of breeds with short hair, since we spend so much time outside. For example, I love bully breeds, but I don’t feel it is fair to leave a dog behind when we go outside in the winter, so I just don’t have bred with short hair. My loss!

Our favourite winter activities are sledding, bonfires and cross-country skiing and of course all of these can be done by the dogs as well. They are all so happy to participate in whatever we do, I think that is what most people love about dogs.


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