French Bulldog Training Is Possible

The French Bulldog is often seen as not too intelligent.

The breed is listed at #58 on the “so-called” intelligence list for dogs.

Since I had an opportunity to work with the little guy below, I have been able to experience what it really takes to train them. Training with food is the way to go.

In the past, most dogs were trained with correction based methods. Dogs that are higher in number on the list are often those breeds that do not take well to corrections and certainly when doing repetitive activities such as competitive obedience.

These are the ones often called “stubborn” or “difficult to train”. By getting the chance to work with a French Bulldog, I can say that compared to my other dogs, he is just as easily trained.

We worked mostly on off leash recalls. This boy had never been off leash before in a large area with other dogs, just running. Even with all the distractions and it being his first time doing this, he was very responsive and acted just like all the other dogs, following along with us as we walked.

When training a breed considered to be less intelligent, or “stubborn”, don’t take it to heart.

The label is based on an outdated and less effective training method and one that is not appropriate for this breed. These breeds don’t take to this kind of training very easily based on what they were bred for and their physiology.

The training of a French Bulldog can result in the same level of training as any of the so called “smarter” dog breeds, but you must use food rewards and do the work.


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