Q&A – Debunking a dog myth

Question: I heard that using the clicker is good for only tricks or agility. Is this true?

Answer: Actually, many dog sports/jobs use the actual work or playing with a toy for a reward. If the clicker marks the exact moment that the dog does the correct behaviour, and the reward is letting the dog work stock (such as in stockdog training) or play with a toy ( such as in search and rescue), then clicker training is perfectly set up for using as a training method for these and many other activities.


With AJ the Klicker Kuvasz, we find that using the clicker to train actually motivates her better to do all sorts of things, especially boring “obedience” exercises, and recalling her away from what she was bred to do – guard. AJ guards our yard and garden from vegetable marauders (foxes, cats, crows, coyotes) during the summer. When we hear her warning bark, and come  to see what is happening, then we can easily recall her away from the distraction because she has been trained to come away from something that normally would incite even more of a reaction.

Using the clicker does not make sissy dogs or food obsessed dogs, and can be used in any training.

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