Managing Your Anger in Dog Training

I used to get mad at my dogs. For being dogs, barking, running, ignoring me etc. This was before I understood fully the power of reinforcement with food. I purposely sought out this method of training because I saw my anger was getting in the way of life and having fun with my dogs AND it was STRESSING ME OUT. Now I do something different.

Anger is natural for humans but it comes from a place of fear. Fear of losing, losing something, looking stupid, being tired and many other things. My main problem with anger stemmed from being frustrated when training dogs that I would FAIL.

When I yelled at my dog or dogs, I was afraid that I was not going to accomplish my goal so I panicked. Anger is present because of issues that each person is affected by. Baggage if you will.

When I realized that my anger was from fear after much contemplation, I decided to ignore it when it came up. I took notice that I was upset and then I just let it pass. It had nothing to dog with the dogs, just me and my past life.

In order to properly train a dog – no matter what method you are using – you need to see the anger as your fear from the past. When you have dispelled this fear and the anger is regressing, you can then see that you CAN accomplish things with calm, relaxed, steadfastness to the job you are doing.

Anger has no place in dog training. If you find yourself angry often or even once, stop and take a break to figure out WHY you are angry. It is not what is outside of you that is causing the anger. That is only the trigger to push you to take a look at yourself more deeply. Check it out and then go back to being serious about training.

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