Do You Consider Your Dog Or Breed “STUBBORN” Or Difficult To Train? Having trouble motivating yourself to train your dog?

It sometimes feels impossible to get yourself to actually do the training that will result in the behaviours you would like to see in your dog because it seems like there is no point, especially if you dog is reactive. How do you find the time? How do I get that dog to learn?! It’s often frustrating to want to do fun things or compete with your dog and think that there is no hope because your dog is not the “right dog” or does not “behave” the right way because of his breed.

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Do you want to enjoy camping, hiking, travelling, sledding, rally, disc, precision, tricks etc. (i.e. doing fun stuff) with your so-called “stubborn” or reactive dog?

Dogs of breeds that are considered to be “stubborn”, less intelligent or “hard to train” are actually the complete opposite. They are very intelligent (as are all dogs), and instead need a somewhat modified training method.


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I want to share with you the info I have learned by training my own “difficult” dogs in different dog sports and other fun activities. These include canine disc, sledding, rally-o, tracking, grooming, camping and travelling with your reactive dog. All you need is to believe in your dog and in your ability to learn to train him. I also share the DIYs I make for my own dogs to make life easier and cheaper when worrying about how you are going to actually get the training done.

Check out the blog, decide on the fun you want to have with your dog and start training for it. It doesn’t have to be difficult.